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Bonaventure Island – Les Fou de Bassan

It’s boat time and we’re off to Bonaventure island to do a little hiking (we need the exercise to offset all the great food we’ve been eating…) and see the Northern Gannet birds.

Croisières Julien Cloutier – Felix Leclerc


Yves, who works for the boat tour operator that we picked,  was an ex-biker and offered to looked after our bikes while we were off bird watching on Bonaventure. If you go to Perce and Bonaventure we highly recommend “les Croisières Julien Cloutier” The owner Julien was actually our captain and he did a great job showing us both Rocher Perce and Bonaventure island.

A few birds nesting on Bonaventure island

He stopped or slowed way down to let us have a good look at the birds, seals and whales.  Once on the island we hiked up to the bird colonies to see the famed birds and their funny antics.

Bonaventure island

We also followed the “Sentier du Roi” which takes you along the coast  on a tour of the buildings that are left from the families that once lived on the island. Here are a few shots of the 120,000 Gannets that call Bonaventure island home for the summer months.

Just a few birds…

I love you!!!

Are you talking to me?

Hey, is she taking our picture?