Chickadees of Rochester

Chickadee of Rochester-11.jpgChickadee of Rochester-12.jpgChickadee of Rochester-13.jpgChickadee of Rochester-10.jpgChickadee of Rochester-2.jpgChickadee of Rochester-3.jpgChickadee of Rochester-4.jpgChickadee of Rochester-5.jpgChickadee of Rochester-6.jpgChickadee of Rochester-7.jpgChickadee of Rochester-8.jpgChickadee of Rochester-9.jpgChickadee of Rochester.jpg

Sunday I went for a hike with my friend Robin in a beautiful park on the outskirts of Rochester, New York. It was a pleasant day, not too much wind, a mostly overcast sky but surprisingly warm for late January. Robin took me to a secret spot in this park where the Chickadees, Nuthatches and Tit Mouse are not afraid of their human neighbors. Well, the Tit Mouse tries to be friendly but he is a timid one and come close but not quite as close as the Chickadee and Nuthatch as you will see in some of the pictures I’ve posted for you. Oh and I must tell you that I can’t take credit for all the pictures as you will find a few pictures of me taken by Robin with my Camera! Thanks Robin, they are beautiful!!

It’s an amazing thing to watch as you stand in the quite woods with an outstretched hand offering a few seeds to the brave little feathered creatures. As you calmly stand there the little Chickadees flutter about testing to see if you will move or  spook them but when their courage has mounted they will land on the edge of your hand to inspect, select and take a kernel that you offer. They seemed to really love the peanuts. It is such a light touch that they give you as they cling to your figure, you barely feel them in your hand.

Enjoy the birds, I know I did!